Music Licensing Samples

Hear some examples of music used for TV, Film, Commercials, Advertising, Websites and more. I provide all genres of music for any projects. I work with my clients to accommodate their every need to help complete the projects and the deadlines they may have. The client will give an example of the type of music needed and we will then negotiate the terms and financial aspect's and budget for their project. A contract agreement will then be in place by the client or myself. I will record something and send the sampled watermarked file by Dropbox folder. The client can then agree upon the completed track or if changes need to be made then I will do so. Once the client is satisfied with the track then I will send the mastered file without the watermark voiceover. Advanced notice of projects that require specific deadlines is recommended. If the client needs something within a short time frame, then I will see what I currently have in stock. If it requires something simple and short I could complete something within the same day in most cases. Contact me today and lets work together to make your project complete, nothing is complete without the right music. 

Chad Laniewski 

Media Music Composers / Chad Laniewski Music